Preparing for Workday Go-Live: Key Upcoming Milestones

Preparing for Workday Go-Live: Key Upcoming Milestones

August 17, 2020

As UBC prepares for the implementation of Workday on November 2, the Integrated Renewal Program has been working closely with UBC Finance and Human Resources to determine a plan to transition from current systems to Workday. This plan has been built in consultation with faculty and staff to ensure minimal disruption where possible. However, the transition to Workday does require you to work around a series of careful steps and will require your support to ensure a successful transition. This provides an overview of what to expect as we prepare for implementation together.

What can you do to prepare for Workday go-live?

‘Cutover’ is a critical technical phase to enable the transition from our current systems to Workday. In the weeks prior to go-live, preparation for this phase involves deadlines for entering information into our current systems, as well as dates and times when our current systems will be unavailable. During any periods of system downtime, an interim process will be put in place to allow for operational continuity as we transition from our current systems to Workday. 

Similar to fiscal year end, there will be a number of process cut off dates in the weeks prior to go-live. The UBC community will be required to complete specific actions in line with these dates. During any periods when current systems are not available, an interim process will be put in place to allow for operational continuity while Workday is prepared for use.

Your support required is illustrated for a sample deadline below. Guidance on community deadlines and interim processes are provided in the detailed overview of key milestones.

What are key upcoming milestones in preparing for Workday go-live?

Please review the dates and actions on the IRP Preparing for Workday Go-Live page to understand what you can expect for yourself and for your business unit/department. These dates have been confirmed across the university to prepare for go-live.

What resources are available to help you prepare?

Targeted communications will become available to impacted groups in the coming months to clarify actions required to prepare and interim processes for periods where current systems are not available.

Our central source for news and information is the IRP Preparing for Workday Go-Live page. For any questions on these milestones, you can contact us via ServiceNow and we will route questions to the appropriate IRP team members.