Ecosystem Delivery

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Ecosystem Delivery

About the IRP Student Ecosystem Delivery Team

In the previous Workday HR/Finance release in 2020, this delivery took place within the Application Ecosystem Program (AEP). In 2021, as part of the planning for the Integrated Renewal Program - Student (IRP Student), the renewal initiatives were restructured into a “one-program” approach. As a result, the ecosystem will now be delivered within IRP Student. The Ecosystem Delivery team is identifying and planning for implementation of the required IT and business changes to ensure business continuity for the impacted UBC student information system.

What type of delivery is associated with the IRP Student ecosystem?

The following three standard change types are associated with the IRP Student ecosystem delivery for in-scope applications:

  1. Retrofit – involves code and integration changes to a legacy application or system so it can function within the new ecosystem
  2. Integration – a common service subscription or bespoke API build to enable data flows between the application and Workday
  3. Sunset - an application is retired because Workday and/or other application(s) will provide its functionality

What applications are in scope for the Ecosystem Delivery?

The implementation of Workday Student will require varying degrees of change to new and existing applications in UBC. As of the date this information was posted, the IRP program looked at 427 Applications in total, of which 156 (UBC wider Ecosystem Application )  & 46 (SIS Core & SIS Ecosystem Applications) are believed to in scope for Ecosystem Delivery & Solution Delivery consideration. 

Please see the IRP Student Ecosystem Application Inventory (downloadable Excel with CWL protection) for more detail. Please note this list is subject to change, information will be refreshed on this page periodically as needed.

What should I do if my application is on the IRP Student Ecosystem Application Inventory?

If your application is included on this list, you do not need to take any action at this time. The Ecosystem Delivery team will reach out to business owners and IT owners to kick off discovery and discuss the delivery process starting June 2021.

What should I do if my application is not included on the IRP Student Ecosystem Application Inventory, but I think it should be?

If your application is NOT included on the application disposition list but you believe it will be impacted by Workday Student, please send an email to here.

When is this work expected to take place?

The ecosystem delivery is aligned with the overall IRP Student delivery schedule. For more information, click here