Known Issues Updates

Issue Affecting 24S Registration in SISC - Missing High School (HS) Courses

February 27, 2024

This is being shared for information only. An issue with high school records was identified and resolved. The issue was high school records and previous institutions were deleted after students were matriculated from Admissions into Classic SIS.

What was the Issue?  

Due to a design flaw, historic high school (HS) records on SIS were deleted when a matriculated student data transfer record was received from Admissions for 2023W or 2024S. On Jan 17, ~20,000 historic matriculations were sent to SIS, which increased the volume of affected students.  


Historical Comments & Notes and Duplicate Transfer Credits in SISC

February 01, 2024

When students were matriculated from Admissions into Classic SIS for 23W and 24S, all existing historical Comments and Notes for that student were inadvertently deleted. In addition, some transfer credits could appear twice. 

Known Issue Updated – February 27 with updated resolution status 


Information on Submitting a Workday Student Access Request

November 01, 2023

Following Launch 1 of Workday Student on October 4, 2023, we are addressing incoming support requests through Hypercare as quickly as possible and have identified that many requests are related to access provisioning. 


Admissions - Bulk Communications

November 01, 2023


What is the Issue?

The issue relates to Admissions bulk communications (Ad hoc email formatting and tag insertion for Thank You emails; Templated letters for Acknowledgment for Undergraduate Applicants). The business needs to start sending out 'Thank you’ and Acknowledgement emails to 2700+ EPBC applicants.  


Admissions - Instructions and Information to Applicants

November 01, 2023

What is the Issue?  

Information on the templated letters is incorrect and needs to be updated so that ES Admissions can start their acknowledgement process for 2700+ applicants. 

Who is impacted?  Undergraduate Applicants   

Date Created: October 19-24 

What is the issue(s) status? Testing in progress. 

When will it be resolved? End of day October 30, 2023.