Workday Student will be launched through a phased approach, starting with Launch 1 in October 2023 and Launch 2 in February 2024. As of Launch 1 in October 2023 to September 2024, Classic SIS and Workday Student will run in parallel, meaning both systems will be live and in use; this is known as the Coexistence Period.  

Launch 1 (October 2023) mainly impacted UBC’s staff and faculty as they prepare for admissions, curriculum management, and scheduling activities for Winter 2024. All activities related to 2023 Winter and 2024 Summer will continue within Classic SIS during this period of time. During Coexistence, most activities will be required to be performed in one (single entry) and a few in both systems (dual entry). 

Launch 2 (February 2024) impacts staff, faculty, and current students at UBC. Current students who are completing 2023 Winter and 2024 Summer sessions will manage administrative activities within Classic SIS, and all students (both current and new) will register and manage activities for 2024 Winter and beyond within Workday Student as of May 6, 2024. 

In the Fall of 2024, Classic SIS will go offline. All activities related to 2024 Winter and beyond will be exclusively managed through Workday Student. 

List of Launch 2 dual entries during coexistence

Dual Entry Task User Type

Student Personal Information - Changes that need staff approval
Legal Name, Date of Birth, Citizenship Status, Visa Type (WD Residency)​

Enrolment Services Advisors (UBCV)
Enrolment Services - Student and Financial Services (UBCO)

Student Personal Information - Non-Staff Approved Changes (i.e. changes the student can do themselves)
For example Preferred Name, Contact Information, Emergency Contact, 3rd Party Authorization

Students as-self
Enrolment Services Advisors (UBCV) on behalf of student
Enrolment Services - Student and Financial Services (UBCO) on behalf of student
Athletic Team Athletics and Recreation staff

Accessibility advisor association
Senior Citizens

Accessibility  - Centre for Accessibility (UBCV), Disability Resource Centre (UBCO)
Senior Citizen - Enrolment Services

Program Versions Program Versions: Enrolment Services Advisors, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, College of Graduate Studies, Selected Faculties
Student Notes - Deletes & Updates  Advisors and Staff who update student notes​
Notes for Financial and Misconduct Holds: FINC, CAGY, OBAL, VPST, SPCL, OKAN

Enrolment Services 

Student Program of Study/Specializations and Status Changes ​ Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, College of Graduate Studies
Enrolment Services, Academic Advisors 
Continuing Student Transfer Credits ​ Enrolment Services - Transfer Credit Team ​
Academic Requirements overrides ​ Academic Advisors ​and Program Advisors for programs that currently use Degree Navigator
Supplemental Exam Outcomes ​ Enrolment Services Student Records ​(Vancouver only)
Student Accomplishments - e.g.SISC Additional Program Details - Thesis and Dissertation Titles and Completion Dates Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, College of Graduate Studies Staff

Other activities not listed here will be single-entry tasks. 


Why is coexistence necessary?  

Coexistence will allow UBC to move more seamlessly from Classic SIS to Workday Student. This period of transition will allow for the completion of academic cycles and gradually bring the renewed student information system online.   

What will Classic SIS be used for during coexistence? 

Classic SIS will continue to be used to process, support, and complete all activities related to the 2023 Winter and 2024 Summer sessions at UBC.

What will Workday Student be used for during coexistence?  

Workday Student will be exclusively used for activities relating to the 2024 Winter session and beyond. 

Who is impacted by the coexistence period? 

Impacted groups include staff, faculty, and students, in various ways. During this period, users may be required to complete tasks in either Workday Student, SIS, or both systems to ensure correct information resides in the appropriate places until Workday Student becomes the exclusive system of record in Fall 2024.   

Where can I get support during coexistence? 

IRP Student is working with Faculties and units to ensure all staff, faculty, and students impacted by the transition to Workday Student, including the Coexistence Period, are aware of the changes to their regular administrative processes, and directed to the appropriate system(s) to complete various administrative activities. Additionally, during the phased transition, users will also be notified by automated messaging in Classic SIS when there is a requirement for dual entry, or if the task must rather be completed in Workday Student. 

Students at UBCV can reach out to their Enrolment Service Advisor (ESA) or Faculty Academic Advisor.  

Students at UBCO can reach out to their Academic and Career Advisor, or reference embedded Workday Student Training material, once the system is live, for support. 

If you have any questions about how your Faculty or unit is preparing for the transition to Workday Student, you can reach out to your Primary Transition Lead (PTL) directly.