Integrated Renewal Program

###Days to Release 1

Integrated Renewal Program

UBC is going live with Workday for HR and Finance on November 2, 2020

Through the Integrated Renewal Program, the way we support learning and research, and how we work at UBC will be transformed, creating a cohesive, integrated, and enriched experience for students, faculty, and staff.


Preparing for Workday Go-Live

As UBC transitions to Workday, there will be deadlines for entering information into the current systems, outage periods, and interim actions required to ensure a successful transition.

Building Skills in Workday

Workday training includes a variety of learning options to boost knowledge and skills to prepare for the upcoming changes.

Accessing Workday Support

Once Workday HR and Finance is launched, the Integrated Service Centre (ISC), will offer support for Workday questions, issues, and requests.