Introducing the Integrated Renewal Program!

Introducing the Integrated Renewal Program!

UBC is embarking on a multi-year journey to transform our Finance, Human Resources and Student administrative processes and system environments, in support of UBC’s new Strategic Plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century: Inspiring people, ideas and actions for a better world.

The Integrated Renewal Program is a business process transformation and system implementation program that will leverage the industry-leading cloud enterprise solution Workday to replace our current core administrative systems with a new integrated, user friendly, mobile-enabled platform.


The way we support learning and research, and how we work at UBC will be transformed, creating a cohesive, integrated, and enriched experience for students, staff, and faculty.


  • Support an engaged, collaborative, and exceptional learning, research, and working environment for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Enable a cohesive alignment of practices and processes.
  • Create a simple, intuitive, consistent user experience where we interact with confidence and ease.
  • Ensure reliable, integrated, and accessible institutional data that enables people to make informed, strategic decisions.
  • Position UBC and its people to embrace opportunities and adapt to future needs and requirements.
  • Provide robust, secure, sustainable solutions that are fiscally responsible.


We need to come together as one university, focused on the grand challenges of the world, by harnessing our collective capabilities.

Professor Santa J. Ono, IT @ UBC Town Hall, May 17, 2017




The Integrated Renewal Program unites previously independent renewal programs, formerly known as Student Academic Systems Initiative (SASI), Procurement Modernization, and HR Finance Renewal Program. 


To achieve program success, co-creating our collective future requires a comprehensive governance structure and dedicated Program Delivery Team.

Functional Scope

The Program's scope includes end-to-end HR, Payroll, Finance and Student processes.