Launch 2 coming February, 2024!

Launch 2 coming February, 2024!

UBC's next step in modernizing our enterprise system infrastructure



The Integrated Renewal Program - Student (IRP Student) is tasked with delivering a renewed, reliable, and secure student information system as a foundation to support UBC’s academic mission. Workday Student will be the anchor of the new student information system and is scheduled to be launched in phases during the 2023 and 2024 academic years.

IRP Student has three pillars that underpin our objective:


We have a student information system that is adaptable and evolves to meet the needs of future students at the heart of our vision


IRP Student is transformational to the educational experience at UBC. This foundational modernization will allow for resiliency, improvements, and enhancements into the future


A reliable, modern, student information system is critical to delivering UBC’s academic mission both today and into the future

Creating a critical foundation for a modern educational experience at UBC