Engagement & Support

Engagement & Support

Our commitment to the UBC Community 

The success of IRP Student is largely dependent on the resourcefulness, creativity, and determination of our UBC community. By sharing up-to-date information, providing opportunities for engagement, and developing training, we are dedicated to supporting our community members through this academic and organizational transition.

Information and Support

There are numerous support resources available for our community. 

Transition Network

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IRP Student team members and representatives will host events to inform our community of program plans and implementation, including town halls, call-ins, and system demonstrations. For a list of upcoming events or to register for an event, please visit our Community Events page. 


The IRP Student team is engaging regularly with members of the UBC community in order to support the development and launch of the new system. The following groups inform the design and configuration as well as prepare the community for the changes to come: 

IRP Student Governance

The IRP Student governance framework provides program direction and is structured to enable the program teams to deliver requirements by assisting in decision-making and staying informed on the program’s progress. More information on IRP Student governance can be found on the Governance page.

Student Process & Outcomes Committee (SPOC)

SPOC is comprised of academic leaders from across the university who are responsible for the functional operations, and invested in, and contributing to, the current and future state of UBC’s renewed Student Information System. View the Terms of Reference.

Academic Model & Transformation Advisory Committee  (AMTAC) 

The AMTAC is a cross-disciplinary, cross-campus academic advisory group composed of faculty academic leaders with the responsibility of providing academic guidance on multiple dimensions of solution design, curricular representation, data definitions, academic transformation, and change management. View the AMTAC Terms of Reference.  

The Transition Network

The Transition Network will provide coaching and support for faculties and units, and engage in trusted, two-way communication with the IRP Student team. Learn more here

Academic Services Advisory Committee

The Academic Services Advisory Committee is a student administration advisory body that comprises representatives from the academic advising and student services leadership of the faculties and student service units on both UBC campuses. This group addresses topics related to student academic advising services as part of the IRP Student implementation, including functional design and solutions, configuration, reporting, integrations, security, data, testing, and related academic/business transformation and change management implications.  View the Terms of Reference here

Community Design Consultants (CDC)

CDCs are community subject matter experts from various units across the University that the IRP Student Solution Team works with to complete the following: augment team expertise; identify use cases; evaluate design options; assist in arriving at recommendations for configuration; identify potential workarounds, when needed; validate configurations; and source additional expertise from colleagues. The CDCs on our roster have been identified based on their subject matter expertise related to upcoming design and configuration topics. The roster will continue to grow as needed. 

Student Engagement Advisory Group

This group consists of representatives from student leadership groups (AMS, GSS, Student Senate, UBCSUO) Student Engagement Advisory Group: 

  • Provides consultation and feedback on planned IRP Student communications and engagements for students.
  • Makes recommendations for the best ways to achieve communications and engagement goals with students.
  • Attends regular meetings.
  • Supports communications and engagement activities by amplifying messaging on existing and trusted channels.
Communications Advisory Committee

The IRP Student Communications Advisory Committee will provide consultation and feedback on planned IRP Student communications. In addition to attending regular meetings, this team will also provide communication advice and feedback as/when requested via email or phone to members of the IRP Student Communications and Engagement team. 

Architecture Review Board

The Architecture Review Board (ARB) provides leadership and governance to enable Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a strategic capability providing UBC with a common vision for an architecture used to ensure alignment across information technology initiatives, trends, investments, and direction across all its communities. (Board Membership)

Data Governance Steering Committee

The Data Governance Steering Committee (DGSC) is a working level, inter-disciplinary group tasked with the responsibility of overarching organizational data governance, including changes to existing data processes, policies, and standards, resolution of any data issues, and change management. The DGSC is responsible for the following:

  • Approving policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure data consistency, data standardization, data security, and data use
  • Creating a formal decision-making structure for data standardization
  • Providing a two-way mechanism for communicating (e.g. a reporting structure and/or communication plan) about data initiatives across the University
  • Creating formal procedures for liaising with data consumers and technical groups for data governance projects
  • Promoting best practices around data standardization
PrISM (Privacy & Security)

The Privacy and Information Security Management (PrISM) - Safety & Risk Services team supports the IRP Student Security, Access, Data, and Reporting (SADR) team to produce important privacy and security deliverables. PrISM's objective is to identify privacy and security risks and prevent them in the first place. To accomplish this goal for IRP Student, PrISM Safety & Risk Services is providing advisory and risk assessment services to the program. Read more here

Enterprise Risk & Assurance

The UBC Office of Enterprise Risk and Assurance (ERA), along with Ernst and Young (EY),  provide objective, independent, and forward-looking risk and assurance services that serve as an early warning beacon to highlight potential risks that may compromise the program’s success; provide assurance to key stakeholders (including the IRP Student Executive Sponsors, UBC President, IT Advisory Committee, and the Board of Governors) that risks are being identified and mitigated in a timely and appropriate manner. Read more here.