Governance & Team

The successful implementation of the Integrated Renewal Program ‒ Student (IRP Student) requires participation and input from across the University community. The IRP Student governance structure is aligned with UBC’s existing governance framework to ensure decisions related to budget, resourcing and program scope adhere to university policies, risk management standards, financial controls and legal compliance and regulatory requirements.  

Participation in program governance from the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, UBC Executive and IT, enrolment services, human resources, finance, faculty and administrative units is vital to effective governance. Moreover, the active engagement of faculty, administrative staff, student representatives and academic and administrative committees provides a foundation for successfully transitioning UBC programs, services and operations to meet the University’s vision and goals for the future.

Executive Sponsors Committee

UBC is committed to engaging the university community in the IRP Student implementation through collaboration and cooperation with the Executive Sponsors Committee, led by Dr. Lesley Cormack, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal, UBCO. Executive Sponsors provide direction and decisions to achieve the program vision and benefits in alignment with UBC’s Strategic Plan.

Executive Sponsors

  • Dr. Lesley Cormack, (Chair) Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Principal, UBCO (Lead Executive Sponsor)        
  • Peter Smailes, Vice-President Finance & Operations        
  • Professor Gage Averill, Provost & Vice-President, Academic pro tem, UBC Vancouver
  • Dr. Rehan Sadiq, Provost & Vice-President Academic pro tem, UBCO  

Ex-officio members

  • Dr. Kate Ross, Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services & Registrar
  • Jennifer Burns, Chief Information Officer & Associate Vice-President, Information Technology
  • Dr. Ian Cavers, Associate Dean, Science
  • Dr. Janice Stewart, Associate Dean, Innovation and Strategy, Faculty of Arts
  • Patricia Lasserre, Associate Professor, Computer Science, Faculty of Science, UBCO
  • Cam Gray, Executive Director, HR Operational Excellence
  • Carrie Lawrence, Director, Finance Operations & Operational Excellence, UBCO
  • Elana Mignosa, Associate Vice-President, Finance & Operational Excellence
  • Jennifer Kain, Chief Assurance and Risk Office
  • Harjot Guram, Senior Director, ISC Operations
  • Laleh Mosadegh, Associate Director, Program Delivery
  • Jennifer Wowk, Sr. Director, Student Delivery Services Workday  
  • Matt Sherman, General Manager, Workday Student
  • Jodi Evans, Partner, Deloitte

Additional members of the Steering Committee will attend on an as needed basis.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the primary governing body and decision-making group for the Integrated Renewal Program. The Steering Committee is comprised of a representative group of leadership from each workstream and representatives from IT, Internal Audit and our implementation partners, Workday and Deloitte. The Steering Committee monitors and reviews program status, and provides oversight of the program’s deliverables, risk management practices, and deployment. The Committee is accountable and reports to the Executive Sponsors Committee.

Program Sponsors

  • Dr. Kate Ross, Chair, Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Services & Registrar (Co-Lead Program Sponsor) 
  • Jennifer Burns, Chief Information Officer & Associate Vice-President, Information Technology (Co-Lead Program Sponsor) 
  • Dr. Ian Cavers, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science, UBCV 
  • Cam Gray, Executive Director, HR Operational Excellence
  • Carri Lawrence, Director, Finance & Operations, UBCO 
  • Dr. Patricia Lasserre, Associate Professor, Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science, UBCO 
  • Dr. Janice Stewart, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, UBCV 
  • Elana Mignosa, Associate Vice-President, Finance & Operational Excellence 

Ex-officio members

  • Jennifer Kain, Chief Assurance and Risk Officer
  • Corinne Pitre-Hayes, Program Director, IRP Student 
  • Harjot Guram, Senior Director, ISC Operations
  • Laleh Mosadegh, Associate Director, Program Delivery
  • Kalyan Sharma, Director, Student Delivery Services, Workday 
  • Bruce Adams, Partner, Technology/Higher Education, Deloitte 
Governance Additions

Many of UBC’s existing administrative and academic groups and other specific groups that will be formed will help to inform and advise the UBC community and leadership on major decisions regarding the IRP Student.

  • Student Process & Outcomes Committee (SPOC)
  • Academic Model & Transformation Advisory Committee (AMTAC)
  • Architecture Review Board
  • Data Governance Steering Committee
  • PrISM (Privacy & Security)
  • Independent Risk & Assurance
  • Subcommittees and Working Groups
Program Delivery Team

The Program Delivery Leadership Team is responsible for delivering the implementation of the program and ensuring overall coordination and cohesion across the various program workstreams, while also providing leadership for their respective teams. 

  • Corinne Pitre-Hayes, Program Director, IRP Student

  • Jodie Thom, Director, Transformation & Change Management

  • Deirdre Brown - Associate Director, Transformation & Change Management

  • Jason Kennedy - Associate Director, Transformation & Change Management, UBCO

  • Asima Zahid, Director, Student Solution

  • Eddie Quinn, Associate Director, Ecosystem Delivery

  • Garry Kupecz, Associate Director, Technical Delivery

  • Sharon Rashtian, Associate Director, Security, Access, Data & Reporting

  • Donia Cheok, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

  • Luca Filipozzi, Senior Enterprise Solution Architect, Solution Architecture

  • Susan Bush - Senior Manager, Program Management Office

The Integrated Renewal Program - Student Team

The IRP Student Team is responsible for engaging a broad range of UBC stakeholders to co-create the future state of the University, including the architecture and configurations of Workday and the ecosystem, to suit UBC’s needs. The team is also responsible for identifying transformative opportunities to improve service delivery for students, faculty and staff.

Transformation & Change Management Team

The IRP Student Transformation & Change Management (TCM) Team is responsible for managing, communicating and enabling the organizational change needed to transform academic and administrative processes to successfully transition to a new student ecosystem environment. The TCM Team will achieve this by preparing University leaders to actively and visibly promote, support and drive change at local and university-wide levels, and by supporting student, faculty and staff stakeholders in their efforts to acquire the skills and competencies needed to work successfully with the new student information ecosystem.

Student Solution Team

The Student Solution Team is responsible for delivering end-to-end business solutions for the IRP Student. Working with UBC leaders and subject matter experts, the Student Solution Team leads the design of future business processes and the configuration of system solutions, while also facilitating the definition of data, reports, security and integration requirements to inform the work that various IRP Student teams are responsible to deliver. This team also works closely with the Transformation & Change Management Team to identify change impacts and promote effective academic transformation and change management.

Program Management Office (PMO)

The IRP Student Program Management Office (PMO) provides support services to enable the successful delivery of IRP Student by focusing on value added support areas, including program planning, status reporting, tools and templates, RAID and change requests.

Quality Assurance (QA) Team

Guided by the philosophy that quality is the key to excellence, the IRP Student Quality Assurance (QA) Team is a shared service team providing quality assurance and testing services across all domains in the IRP Student solution. The QA Team is accountable for the testing strategy, test preparation and test execution. This team will work with each domain to review design requirements in order to provide early feedback, while devising an effective, iterative testing approach to ensure quality for the overall end-to-end solution.  

Solution Architecture Team

The IRP Student Solution Architecture Team is a shared services team accountable for the conceptual and logical designs of the overall enterprise solution for the IRP Student. This team will work with other areas of IRP Student in driving the conceptual and logical architecture detail necessary to support implementation and migration efforts to achieve the IRP Student milestones and timeline. The Solution Architecture Team will provide architectural guidance and coordinating architectural alignment amongst the various IRP Student stakeholder groups from functional, core and ecosystem areas.

Ecosystem Delivery Team

As part of the IRP Student Solution Delivery Centre, the IRP Student Ecosystem Delivery Team focuses on the required IT and business changes required to ensure business continuity for the impacted UBC ecosystem. Three standard change types are associated with the IRP Student ecosystem delivery for in-scope applications. The first is a retrofit, which involves code and integration changes to a legacy application or legacy. The second type is an integration ‒ a common service subscription or bespoke API build to enable data flows to applications that support business functions. Third is a sunset, which is the decommission or retirement of an application, which occurs as its functionality is replaced with Workday and/or other applications. For more information about the in-scope applications, please view the IRP Student Ecosystem Application Inventory, which can be accessed from here.

Technical Delivery Team

As part of the IRP Student Solution Delivery Centre, the IRP Student Technical Delivery Team is responsible for the delivery of technical solutions. Using the latest cloud-based technologies, including AWS, Mulesoft and other 4GL tools (Business Process Automation and Rules Engines), the Technical Delivery Team will design and build high-quality business solutions alongside the functional and architecture teams. This will include integrations, point solutions and custom-built applications.

Security, Access, Data & Reporting (SADR) Team

The IRP Student Security Access, Data, & Reporting (SADR) Team is responsible for ensuring security and privacy in the IRP Student implementation and ensuring that it complies with University policies and provincial mandates. This team facilitates access to Workday and other student solutions and also converts and migrates legacy student information system data into future solutions; in addition, this team is responsible for monitoring, validating and correcting student data quality issues to ensure our destination system houses trusted University data. The SADR Team also applies data governance principles and processes to our data delivery pipeline. Following functional and institutional requirements, the team builds and delivers reports that can assist with the University's student-related processes. Finally, the SADR Team enables our community to make better and more timely decisions that are grounded in trusted data, delivered based on a modern unified data and analytics platform.