Community Support Funding

Community Support Funding

The implementation of Workday Student will impact a large population of faculty, staff and students during 2023 and 2024. With the transition to Workday Student, it is important to ensure that the UBC community is prepared for the substantial changes and has adequate resources to support this transition within their faculties and units.  

While some faculties and units have the structure and resources to accommodate the hiring of additional support to lead the transition to Workday Student in their day-to-day operations, some require additional support and resources beyond what they have planned and budgeted for.

As such, the Community Support Funding Framework (CSF) has been developed. 

The Community Support Funding Framework will:

  • Fund the hiring of short-term resources* to allow a faculty or unit time to engage in IRP Student and prepare for the transition to Workday Student
  • Directly impact the successful readiness, training, transformation and adoption of Workday Student within faculties and units 

Who is Community Support Funding For?

The funding is for a faculty or unit who determines a need for additional short term resources to support the successful transition to Workday Student between January 2023 and November 30, 2024.

Funding may cover:

  • Work directly related to the transition to Workday Student
  • Backfilling a current employee that is taking on this work
  • Creation of capacity in roles needed to be involved in IRP Student work 


Timeline & Process to Request Funds


Thresholds & Approvals Escalation

Getting started with your application 

You may download a PDF copy of the application form to review and work on internally, however all complete applications must be submitted through the online Qualtrics form below. Application forms submitted in any other form will not be considered.  

If you are ready to apply, click the link below to view the form and submit your application.

IRP Student anticipates processing requests within two weeks of a completed application submission, however this may vary dependent on volume of applications and the size and complexity of request.

If you have questions on how best to complete this form, please contact your Primary Transition Lead (PTL) who has access to IRP Student resources to best support and answer your questions. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for IRP Student Community Support Funds?

Community Support Funds are intended for faculties or units who will be impacted by the transition to Workday Student and require additional capacity to facilitate the successful transition to Workday Student, beyond what they have planned and budgeted for.

How and when can an application be made for funding?

Applications can be made through the web form found on the IRP Student website.  The application portal will be open until March of 2024, with an end date for funding of November 2024 (end of funding envelope for IRP Student). 

What type of role is considered under this funding?

It is recognized that the needs across the faculties and units will vary, and an expectation that applications will be submitted for a variety of roles. Some roles we have already seen being hired within faculties and units (outside of this request process) include project management and coordination roles, administrative backfill to create capacity within subject matter experts and business analysts. The criteria is that any role funded through the IRP Student Community Support Fund directly facilitates the transition to Workday Student, in the form of a new role, to backfill a current employee taking on IRP Student related work, or to create capacity in roles needed to be involved in IRP Student work. 

Is there a maximum duration a position will be funded for?

As this is funding for short term support during the transition to Workday Student, the maximum duration of a position funded through the Community Support Funding Framework is 12 months. Extensions can be requested by submitting a subsequent new request closer to the end of the initial term.

Can a faculty or unit submit a joint application for a shared resource?

Yes, applications can be submitted for shared resources across faculties and units. Please indicate the faculties and units who will be sharing the resource in the appropriate space on the application form.

Can funds be used to purchase computer hardware/software or materials needed within my faculty or unit?

No, the Community Support Fund is specifically available to build capacity to facilitate faculties and units to prepare for and manage through the transition to Workday Student.

What support is provided throughout the application process?

If you need additional support and information beyond what has been published on the IRP Student website you can work with your Primary Transition Lead (PTL) who has access to an IRP Student Community Engagement Partner (CEP) for answers to questions and support with applications.

What is the approval process, and how long does it take?

All applications will be reviewed by the IRP Finance department followed by Senior Leadership review (all academic/faculty requests to be reviewed by the appropriate Provost). Depending on the funds being requested final approvals will be made either by the IRP Student Program Leadership (requests under $90,000) or IRP Student Steering Committee (requests above $90,000). IRP Student anticipates processing requests within two weeks of a completed application submission, however this may vary dependent on volume of applications and the size and complexity of request.

Who is responsible for recruiting and onboarding approved positions?

The hiring unit/faculty is responsible for all recruiting and management of the resource.

How will funding be released once an application is approved?

Funds will not be transferred outside of IRP Student. Upon approval of an application, the new position will be set up under IRP’s PJ002544 in Workday. The HR hierarchy (subordination) will remain within the respective hiring department.

Are resource needs for Application and Eco support covered through the CSFF?

No. Application and Eco resource needs are the responsibility of the faculty/unit/department.

Are equipment costs covered by the CSFF?

No, only salaries are covered. Equipment needs will be the responsibility of the faculty/unit/department.

*The need to create capacity across the UBC community as it prepares to transition to Workday Student was supported in the independent review completed for Board 3 approval, and as such a portion of the contingency reserve was earmarked for this purpose.

Last updated: February 22, 2023.