About IRP Student

About IRP Student

What is the Integrated Renewal Program - Student (IRP Student)?

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UBC’s strategic plan, Shaping UBC’s Next Century, sets out the University’s vision, values and goals and the themes that will shape UBC’s strategies in the years ahead. A primary goal of this plan is the complete renewal of UBC’s core systems (HR, finance and student information). The HR and finance Workday components of the Integrated Renewal Program successfully went live with Release 1 in November 2020. The next phase of the renewal focuses on the upgrade and modernization of UBC’s student information systems.

The Integrated Renewal Program ‒ Student (IRP Student) will transform the way UBC supports learning and research and will advance the University’s efforts to create a cohesive, integrated and enriched experience for students, faculty and staff. The renewed system will provide superior support for UBC students and a better experience for all users through a new set of tools and new ways of working that will also facilitate improved reporting to promote informed decision-making. The IRP Student will leverage the industry-leading Workday cloud enterprise solution to replace our current core student administration systems with a user-friendly, mobile-enabled platform.


Implementation of the IRP Student will:

  1. support an engaged, collaborative learning, research and work environment for students, faculty and staff.
  2. enable the cohesive alignment of practices and procedures.
  3. create a straightforward, intuitive, consistent user experience that allows for interacting with confidence and ease.
  4. ensure that reliable, integrated institutional data are accessible to enable informed, strategic decision-making.
  5. position the UBC community to embrace opportunities and adapt to future needs and requirements.
  6. provide robust, secure, sustainable solutions that are fiscally responsible.