Extension to IRP Workday Timeline

Extension to IRP Workday Timeline

December 06, 2019


The goal of the IRP is to replace our student, HR and finance systems, which are 25 years old or more and are no longer able to support the UBC's goals. Workday was selected for student, HR and finance functionality. The first phase of the program is the HR and finance functionality, which was scheduled for deployment in April 2020. This memo is to provide an update on the viability of the proposed go-live date.


The Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) governance conducted the first of three planned program readiness reviews on October 31. Following this review, a recommendation was issued to the Board of Governors to extend the timeline to ensure the successful implementation of Workday for Human Resources and Finance. Factors that contributed to this recommendation include:

  • the complexity in undertaking a project of this scale;
  • the need to thoroughly test and deliver a high-quality solution that fulfills UBC’s complex technical and functional requirements, and;
  • the need to appropriately ‘retrofit’ existing UBC applications with Workday as part of Application Ecosystem Program (AEP).

IRP is focused on a successful transition and implementation, and was not willing to sacrifice quality to meet a deadline which resulted in the recommendation to extend the timeline.

Once the delay was determined, the next question is naturally: when will the HR and finance phase of the program be deployed? The IRP team is working through a re-planning process now, which will be inclusive of key considerations such as UBC’s academic and financial calendars as well as sufficient time for training and support. The new implementation date will be finalized and communicated in February 2020 after it has been approved by the UBC Executive and the Board of Governors. This means that the employee training period that was originally planned for February and March 2020 will now be delivered at a later date, closer to go-live. The timeline extension for HR and finance has no impact to the ongoing development with Workday regarding the implementation of the student product.

Thank you to those who have attended various engagement sessions, provided feedback, completed surveys, and attended IRP events to date. Your continued collaboration and engagement is much appreciated, and is critical to ensure this program is a success. We look forward to providing you with further information in February. Please direct any questions to the IRP team via ServiceNow.