Understanding IRP Student

Understanding IRP Student

March 31, 2022

The Integrated Renewal Program – Student (IRP Student) has numerous focus areas – following the student journey from application to graduation.  This series aims to explain each area, its unique requirements, and our designed solutions in terms you, our UBC community, will understand.      

Admissions: The Admissions area of focus covers the full range of processes that take place from the moment an application is received to the moment an admission decision is made. The Workday Student’s Admissions Module does not currently meet all UBC’s requirements, therefore, existing SIS functionality will be leveraged through ‘extraction.' 

Enrolment: Through the enrolment process, students confirm their commitment to continue their studies at UBC for the upcoming academic period. In IRP Student, we are specifically focusing on two enrolment processes: Intention to Attend and Pathway Declaration.  

Registration: Through the upgraded system, student and administrator processes related to registration, waitlists, prerequisites, corequisites, credit limits, and similar functions and issues will be supported.  

Learner Financial Support (LFS): LFS manages how the University distributes money to students (for example; scholarships, bursaries, loans, and awards). IRP Student is responsible for the design of a point solution, called AwardCloud, to enable the management of these funds.

Learner Financial Management (LFM): LFM is the ability to administer and regulate charges and payments on student financial accounts. LFM will focus on several aspects, namely Fee rules set up; Sponsorship management; Learner account; Learner payment; U-Pass management; delinquent financial account management; tax slip generation management; and fee reconciliation and remittance.  

Transfer Credit: The Transfer Credit functional area encompasses a student’s previous study that may be used towards a new credential at UBC, and can include transfer credits taken at post-secondary institutions and university -level courses taken while in high school.

Scheduling: The new Student Information Ecosystem will integrate processes associated with scheduling course sections and exams from Scientia and a Business Process Management System (BPMS) into Workday Student. A BPMS is a newly created system that supplements Workday Student.

Assessment Outcomes: This functional area involves the management of outcomes - or grading - of established forms of assessment (for example exams, quizzes, assignments, competencies, practicums) and graduate program assessments (theses and dissertations). In the new Student Information Ecosystem, the Assessment Outcomes design for the submission of final course section grades functionality will be hosted in the Business Process Management System (BPMS).

Learner Management: This area enables the management of student data, supports the management of official transcripts, third-party authorizations; learner associations as well as comments and communications management. 

Curriculum Management: Currently, the term Curriculum Management often refers to the curriculum proposal and approval process, from creation by the faculties through Senate approval. Curriculum Management in the IRP Student program is the foundation for the creation and management of academic years, academic units, courses, and programs of study. The renewed system will support the setup and structure of Academic Units, academic cycles (soon to be referred to as Academic Calendars), and learning opportunities, such as programs, pathways, and courses.  

Progression: The progression function of IRP Student will identify milestones that students must achieve to successfully complete their program of study. IRP Student is focused on designing and building tools and processes to support student and advising needs, with regards to Progression, in three areas: Continuation Requirements; Promotion Requirements; and Academic Requirements.

Graduation: This functional area focuses on the processes surrounding the lifecycle of graduation. Workday Student will support Graduation Application Management and Graduation Adjudication and Approval.