Understanding IRP Student – Graduation

Understanding IRP Student – Graduation

March 31, 2022

The Integrated Renewal Program – Student (IRP Student) has numerous focus areas – following the student journey from application to graduation.  This series aims to explain each area, its unique requirements, and our designed solutions in terms you, our UBC community, will understand.     

Workday Student will replace UBC’s Student Information System (SIS). It will be the foundation for the renewed student information ecosystem, integrating with external systems - both existing and new - that are required to conduct operations at UBC.   

The Graduation functional area focuses on the following processes: 

  • applying to graduate,  
  • adjudicating applications and evaluating Graduation Standing, if applicable, 
  • conferring the degree or diploma on students, and 
  • finalizing the official transcript after conferral. 


Graduation is a golden moment for UBC students – a celebration of the years of hard work that brought them to that day, and a chance to reflect, with pride, on all they’ve accomplished. Our work, behind the scenes, is to provide the functional mechanisms necessary to support this official transformation of students into graduates, and to give them the documents they’ll need as they move on to the next phase of their life.”

 Nancy Campbell, IRP Student Business Lead - Student Records and Advising 

Workday Student will support: 

  • Graduation Application Management: This includes functionality for the student to record personal preferences and details, such as the name they wish to appear on the parchment, and whether or not they plan to attend the congregation. 
  • Graduation Adjudication and Approval: This functionality allows Faculties and Schools to review graduation applications, adjudicate those requests, and record their decisions. They can also review and award Graduation Standings.  

Once all of these processes are complete, the names of students eligible to graduate are forwarded through the necessary approval processes, culminating in Senate conferring degrees and diplomas on students. The credential is then recorded on the student record and transcript, and UBC produces a parchment. 

*Reflecting on our experience so far in working with Workday and seeing how our design is shaping up, we realize that we have to embrace change and be confident in our ability to adapt. Workday Student, along with IRP Student’s functional requirements, are evolving quickly and this could mean that we may have to adapt our approach throughout the project timeline.