Workday Student Training

Workday Student training is designed to provide ‘end-to-end’ training for system users, covering all aspects of tasks executed in Workday Student. A full range of online, on-demand training materials will meet users' needs for the right training at the right time, and in the right format. 

Training Approaches

  • Core - Available to all staff/faculty users, online & on-demand training, user selects, supplemented by hyper realistic simulations for hands on/practice.
  • Advanced - For advanced system users, delivered by a blended model, designed to build knowledge of business processes, packaged in “day in the life” curricula.
  • In-Application – Training will be available from within Workday Student via contextual links to Canvas training materials.

The approach to the Workday Student training program incorporates the results of two Training Needs Assessments conducted in 2022, as well as lessons learned from Workday HR/Finance training. Workday Student training will build knowledge, and develop skills and competencies to ensure students, faculty, and staff have the necessary capabilities, knowledge, and tools to successfully employ the functions of the renewed student information system. Training will reflect both the structure and processes of Workday Student and the training needs of UBC user communities.

Our unique “read it, watch it, try it” structure will offer interactive, realistic, contextual training in a wide range of formats – from PDFs to full simulations, delivered using a “Just in Time” model.

Learners will access training through the familiar Workplace Learning and Canvas environments and in context via direct links, accessible within Workday Student. 


  • Late Spring 2023 – Launch 01 Advanced training for users that directly support students
  • Late Summer 2023 – Launch 01 General user “Core” training
  • Fall 2023 – Continued focused training support for Launch 01
  • Late 2023 – Begin for Launch 02

Stay tuned for more information on Workday Student Training!

For UBC Workday HCM and Finance training, please visit ISC Training page.