Workday Student Training

Workday Student Training

Workday Student Training is designed to prepare you to effectively use the new student information system. 

Workday Student - Training Approach

Based on lessons learned from Launch 1, as well as feedback from our community, we have revised our approach to training. 
Where possible, training will be practical and hands-on. Guided by community needs and preferences, training will focus on the system’s most common tasks, processes, and scenarios. 

The design and delivery of training for staff and faculty will follow a continual and consistent stepped approach bringing users through the following models of training in this order.

Build Foundation Build Foundation training focuses on providing information in topic areas to help the community contextualize the change and future state for their business. This training type is delivered through Change Bundles, Call-In Sessions, Demos, and Videos.
Build Expertise Build Expertise training is where users receive hands-on training sessions, which teach them how to complete tasks needed for their business operations.
Support Learning Support Learning training includes short-term and long-term sustainable artifacts that can be efficiently updated and are in a format the community will continue to use to onboard new users to the system or refresh knowledge for existing users. Examples of Support Learning training include Knowledge Base articles, Drop-in Sessions, Canvas Courses, etc.
Assessment Throughout all training, ongoing assessments will help measure the readiness of our community and the effectiveness of the training being delivered.

Simultaneous training, across several topic areas, will occur throughout the entire training period. For example, users can expect to receive Build Foundation training in one topic area while completing Build Expertise training in another.  

Training Timeline 

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Upcoming training activities will begin in mid-November 2023 and continue through September 2024. Training will follow the academic cycle and when specific tasks need to be completed in Workday Student. Training sessions will be targeted to specific user audiences to meet their business needs. 

Delivery Dates

Topic area 


Nov 20 (UBCO) and Nov 22 (UBCV) Scheduling  Advanced training for ES Scheduling teams and roll-out to the Timetable Reps and Department Admins for 24W course scheduling  Enrolment Services

November 27 - Dec 15, 2023

Student Record navigation Multiple sessions on how the student record is constructed (matriculated and converted), how to find students, historic student records, and generally finding your way around the student record. Dual entry for student personal information and residency changes.  All (Topics of broad interest and applicability); Units that support any and all students
November 22, 2023 Transfer Credit Call-in Session This session will cover how transfer credit is displayed and used in Workday. You will learn in which systems transfer credit will be added to a student record, view where transfer credit is displayed in Workday and review processes where transfer credit is used. Demo presented during the call-in will be undergrad specific. Registration link here Academic advisors (all faculties) and Enrolment Services, open to anyone interested in transfer credit
November Student Financials Student Financial Basics canvas course  Targeted Audiences who will have access to student financials
December 8, 2023 Waitlists Call-in Session

Information provided in this call-in will include the differences between expiration methods and manual management of waitlists. We will also discuss the uses for automated waitlist promotion and manual waitlist management to enable academic units to prepare for administering and using waitlists with the option that best fits their needs. 

All staff who are involved or interested in student registration in waitlisted or potentially waitlisted courses; Registration Administrators; UBCO Department Administrators who work in Scheduling; and UBCV TREPs
Week of January 30, 2024 Transfer Credit Administration How to assign transfer credit in admissions and in Workday; how to assign AP/IB credit; dual entry for continuing student transfer credit  Enrolment Services
January - February Student Financials Sponsorship Management  Targeted Audiences who will have access to student financials
January Graduate Education Management 

How to complete processes specific to Graduate Education Management, including supervisory committees, Leaves of Absence, extensions, student onboarding, pathway, advancement to candidacy, track milestones, transfer credit, Quit/Withdraw/Required to Leave, time expired, dual entry for program status changes 

Graduate Studies and units that support Graduate students 
January - February

Student Record Management 

Multiple records, Historical students, Program of Study status management, student holds, Student Note and Transcript Note management, PHUB Merge Opportunities, Invalid Character Sets - Matriculation Errors 


All (Topics of broad interest and applicability); Units that support any and all students
January - February Pathways (Specializations and Programs of Study)  Understanding program setup, program entry requirements, Expected Completion Dates, primary and secondary programs of study, bundling programs, auxiliary programs (e.g., Co-op, First Year Programs), Add/Remove/Change programs, pending Programs of Study, bulk-adding Enrolment Services, Undergraduate Faculties, Schools, and units that support Undergraduate students 

February - March 

Unclassified and Undergrad Dual Degree 

How to create an Unclassified student record; how to create and navigate (internal) Undergraduate Dual Degree records 

Enrolment Services, Undergraduate Faculties, Schools, and units that support Undergraduate students 

February - April  

Registration Preparation 

Administering and using waitlists, saved schedules, registration appointments, Standard Timetables 

All (Topics of broad interest and applicability); Units that support any and all students

February - April 

Degree Audit 

How to read and navigate an Academic Progress Report; overrides, Credit/D/Fail exceptions, porting over Degree Navigator exceptions and notes, rollovers, What If scenarios 

Enrolment Services, Undergraduate Faculties, Schools, and units that support Undergraduate students 


Students at Risk 

How to use reports to find students at academic risk 

Undergraduate Faculties, Schools, and units that support Undergraduate students 

March - April 


Sessional Evaluation: academic standings, overrides, rule sets, Program of Study statuses, dismissal process and timing 

Enrolment Services, Undergraduate Faculties, Schools, and units that support Undergraduate students  
March - April Promotion  How to understand and override Year Levels  Enrolment Services, Undergraduate Faculties, Schools, and units that support Undergraduate students 

March - April 

Create Associations with Students 

How to associate individual student records with ES Advisors, how to create record relationships for Accommodations and Varsity Athletes, and identifying and working with Indigenous self-identification 

Enrolment Services

April - May 


How to register students and manage student registration in course sections; Credit/D/Fail, Add/Drop/Swap, Withdraw, Tokens, Credit limits, Pre-requisite checking 

All (Topics of broad interest and applicability); Units that support any and all students


Letters & Transcripts 

How staff and students will access and request Confirmation of Enrolment letters, Official and Advising Transcripts, Program Completion letters, Replacement parchments  All (Topics of broad interest and applicability); Units that support any and all students

July - August 


Grades submission and changes, concessions including SD management and removals, SD exams, missing grades, and Not Submitted (NS) 

All (Topics of broad interest and applicability); Units that support any and all students
August  Graduation  How to administer and adjudicate Program Completion, including application management, Program Honours and Awards (Dean's List), conferral  All (Topics of broad interest and applicability); Units that support any and all students

Exam Scheduling  

How to submit exam requests, how to process SD and Supplemental exam applications, publishing student exam schedules 

Enrolment Services 

September IRCC Reporting How to support IRCC reporting  International Student Advisors


Read more about the upcoming training approach here

Enroll in these available training courses

Workday Student Basics Course

IRP Student continues to actively encourage the UBC Community to explore the Workday Students Basics Course. Open to all users, this course covers basic, yet essential, aspects of Workday Student, including: 

  • Navigating the new system
  • How to use the search function
  • Understanding Workday Student Vocabulary
  • How security access is assigned 
  • Accessing records and reports

This course models how future Workday Student training material will generally be structured.



Once enrolled, colleagues can click here to learn how to enable notifications for course content on Canvas. Training courses will roll out as they are developed and become available.


Workday Student Reporting Course now available!

Open to all faculty and staff, this module will explore reporting within the Workday Student platform.  Delivered online in Canvas, the goals of this course are to provide basic training and guidance on Workday Student reports and to address common concerns and questions. In this Workday Student Reporting course, you will learn:

  • What is changing for reporting
  • Strategies to get the most out of Workday reports
  • More information about reports available following Launch 1 of Workday Student in October 2023



Keep an eye on this page to get up-to-date information on which courses have been published for your participation.


Who should attend Workday Student training? 

The change to Workday Student will be a big one for UBC, with impacts to staff, faculty, and students. It is important for our community to prepare as much as possible for this transition. Training is designed for staff and faculty that are current users of the Student Information System and will be affected by the transition to Workday Student. If you are unsure if you are impacted, please reach out to your Primary Transition Lead.

When is Launch 2 training?

Launch 2 training starts in November 2023 for staff and faculty and will use a phased training approach that is informed by the first use of functions in Workday Student and following the academic year cycle that informs our ongoing operations. 

How are students going to be prepared for using Workday Student?

Students will be prepared to use all high-impact, student-facing capabilities prior to their access to the new system in May of 2024. Self-service courses will be available to both students and staff who support students, beginning in early 2024. Additionally, IRP Student has and will continue to engage with students to understand their readiness needs.

A large part of our student readiness strategy is rooted in ensuring that those who support students are adequately prepared and ready to use the system. Our training aims to build competencies amongst those staff and faculty, so they are confident in their abilities to support the student experience at UBC.

Why should I participate in training? 

With training, learners will gain access to key information about Workday Student and its functions when it is most important to them. Training is an opportunity to have your questions answered and to learn how to perform day-to-day tasks in the system. Learners will also be able to discover and use features unique to Workday Student, such as using the Workday global search function to start tasks and processes and generate reports. 

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