Workday Student Training

Workday Student Training

Workday Student Training is designed to prepare you to effectively use the new student information system.  A full range of online, on-demand training materials will meet users' needs for the right training at the right time, and in the right format. 

Our unique “Read It, Watch It, Try It” structure will offer interactive, realistic, and contextual training in a wide range of formats – from PDFs to full simulations.  

Training will be delivered using a “Just in Time” model. This means that as we approach each of the phased launches, relevant course material will be made available to help you succeed in the new system.  

Workday Student Training will be delivered over three training stages: 

  • Advanced User Training. This training will be offered to select groups of users to be identified through consultation with members of the Transition Network, alongside business owners in central units.    
  • Core User Training. Available to all staff/faculty users. Continuously updated online, on-demand training with hyper-realistic simulations will provide hands-on practice. Multiple “Read It, Watch It, Try It” formats will be available to suit various learning styles. 
  • In-Application Training. Training will be available from within Workday Student via links to Canvas training materials, for immediate, in-application assistance/refresher training in the user’s choice of “Read It, Watch It, Try It” formats.  


Workday Student Basics Course 

This module covers basic, yet essential, aspects of Workday Student, including: 

  • Navigating the new system  
  • How to use the search function 
  • Understanding Workday Student Vocabulary 
  • How security access is assigned 
  • Accessing records and reports 

This course models how future Workday Student training material will generally be structured.  



Training courses will roll out as they are developed and become available. Keep an eye on this page to get up-to-date information on which courses have been published for your participation.


Who should attend Workday Student training? 

The change to Workday Student will be a big one for UBC, with impacts to staff, faculty, and students. It is important for our community to prepare as much as possible for this transition. Training is designed for staff and faculty that are current users of the Student Information System and will be affected by the transition to Workday Student. If you are unsure if you are impacted, please reach out to your Primary Transition Lead.   

Why should I participate in training? 

With training, learners will gain access to key information about Workday Student and its functions when it is most important to them. Training is an opportunity to have your questions answered, and to learn how to perform day-to-day tasks in the system. Learners will also be able to discover and use features unique to Workday Student, such as using the Workday global search function to start tasks and processes and generate reports. 

How can I access training? 

All learners will access training through the familiar Workplace Learning and Canvas environments and in context via direct links, accessible within Workday Student. Advanced users will receive additional, in-depth training through a blended model of in-person events and expert-led virtual events in the months before each Launch.  

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