What you need to know about student access to Workday Student  

What you need to know about student access to Workday Student  

April 17, 2024

The Integrated Renewal Program - Student (IRP Student) is tasked with delivering a renewed, reliable, and secure student information system as a foundation to support UBC’s academic mission. Staff and faculty already have access to Workday Student, and the next milestone in our new system's launch will be to provide access to UBC students.  

Student access to Workday Student  

On May 21, 2024, UBC students will gain access to Workday Student. Students will utilize Workday Student to perform tasks related to the 2024 Winter session, beginning with tasks such as updating personal information, course/degree planning (changes to majors, minors, and Academic Progress Records), creating a saved schedule, and course registration. As they move through their academic journey and as additional functions become available, students will also use the system for award management, tuition summaries and payments, access to exam schedules, grade tracking, and transcript requests. 

The Student Service Centre (SSC) will continue to be used by current students for activities related to the 2023 Winter and 2024 Summer sessions. Workday Student will become the primary student information system interface for the 2024 Winter session and beyond. The period of time when both systems will be in use is known as the “coexistence period.” During coexistence, continuing students will need to conduct some tasks in both Workday Student and the SSC. These items, referred to as dual-entry tasks, include changes to student personal information that do not require staff approval. For example, if a student wishes to add or update their preferred name, they will need to make this change in both systems.   

To learn more about what dual-entry tasks will be required of students, please visit this page.   

How will students be notified of their access?  

Approximately a week before their access, new and continuing UBC Students in Vancouver and Okanagan will receive an email from Enrolment Services to formally introduce them to the implementation of Workday Student, including information on why the system is changing, benefits of the new system, advising students that they will receive another communication on May 21, and to prepare them for their access to the system.  

The May 21 email will notify students that they can access Workday Student and requests that they complete a few tasks ahead of registration for the 2024 Winter Session. These tasks involve entering, validating or updating information such as: 

  1. legal and preferred name  
  2. date of birth  
  3. citizenship status  
  4. third-party authorization  
  5. emergency contact information  
  6. direct deposit details   

Information around how to complete these tasks in Workday Student - including dual entry requirements - will be linked in this email.   

Student support during the transition  

Step-by-step instructions to support students in completing tasks in Workday Student are being produced. These include tutorial content such as updating personal information, course registration, paying tuition and fees, and course and degree planning. Content will be developed and published in phases on newly created websites, based on first student use, from May 21 through October.  

Proposed new URLs to go live May 21:

UBC Vancouver: workday.students.ubc.ca   

UBC Okanagan: students.ok.ubc.ca/workday 


Starting May 21, should students have inquiries or need assistance regarding the transition to Workday Student, they should continue to reach out to the units or advisors they would normally receive support from, including: 

UBC Vancouver Students 

Enrolment Services – Students can connect with Enrolment Service Advisors for support on navigating registration, tuition and fees, and financial aid and wellness.  

Faculty Academic Advising Offices – Students can connect with Academic Advisors for questions related to course planning or program requirements.  

Graduate Program Offices – Graduate students can connect with their Graduate Program Offices for program advising.  


UBC Okanagan Students 

Academic & Career Advising – Students can connect with an advisor for questions related to degree planning and program requirements.  

Indigenous Programs & Services - Indigenous students can connect with an Indigenous Student Advisor for any inquiries related to degree planning and program requirements, financial aid and awards, housing, and more. 

College of Graduate Studies (CoGS) - Graduate students should contact CoGS for academic record information (e.g. program of study status, degree progression, academic history). 

Enrolment Services – Students can connect with Enrolment Services for updates to personal information, student awards, loans and bursaries, transcripts and student records.  

Global Engagement Office - International students should connect with the Global Engagement Office for any inquiries related to immigration resources, health insurance, or working while studying. 

Graduate Programs – Graduate students should contact their program for general system navigation inquiries (e.g. where to find information in Workday Student) as well as registration inquiries.  

School of Engineering Academic Advising – School of Engineering academic advisors assist students in academic planning, interpreting Faculty course requirements and regulations, and resolving academic and personal problems. 


Recognizing that student-facing staff will require timely, augmented and “live” support, particularly during critical times like registration, the IRP Student Solutions Team is actively working to consider how best to stand up such support. More information on this is anticipated to be shared at the beginning of May. Student-facing staff who want to learn more about supporting students during the transition to Workday Student should reach out to their Primary Transition Lead (PTL).   

To learn more about student access to Workday Student, visit irp.ubc.ca/student-readiness.