Workday Student Launch 1 Complete!

Workday Student Launch 1 Complete!

October 04, 2023

I am very pleased to announce that the IRP Student team has successfully completed Launch 1 of Workday Student, activating the systems that will admit undergraduate students to UBC and prepare them for the 2024 winter session.  

This is the culmination of years of work, across both campuses, to deliver a renewed, reliable, and secure student information system to support UBC’s academic mission. The transition to Workday Student will provide UBC with the foundation for a modern student experience that is adaptable and can evolve to meet the needs of both students and the institution for years to come.  

Launch 1 focuses on the systems that admit undergraduate students to UBC and prepare for the 2024 Winter session. Launch 2, in February 2024, will include capabilities that support students to study, advance, and graduate from UBC. Until Launch 2, the Classic SIS will still be operational for these capabilities. 

Launch 1 users will receive a direct email at 8:30 AM tomorrow (October 5) containing information about access and support. 

Launch 1 users can access Workday Student at, the same link where you login for HR and Finance.  Please note, however, that only staff and faculty with Security Roles for launched capabilities will be able to access Workday Student tasks and reports at this point. These are primarily Enrolment Services staff and some other staff in Faculties and Departments that support course scheduling. You can learn more about Launch 1 users here. For the majority of our community, please stay tuned. Your access to Workday Student will come with Launch 2 in February of 2024. Students will be able to access the new system on May 6, 2024

As with any new system, it is anticipated that there may be minor updates and fixes required in the coming months. The IRP Student team has a comprehensive support plan in place that will enable quick responses to any issues that arise.  

Visit to learn more about how to access system support. 

This is a monumental day for UBC. I want to express my gratitude to the IRP Student team for their dedication and hard work in getting us to this moment and to you, our UBC Community, for your continued support. 


Lesley Cormack

UBC Vice Chancellor and Principal, UBC Okanagan