Meet the 8 IRP Student Core Teams

Meet the 8 IRP Student Core Teams

March 15, 2022

The Integrated Renewal Program – Student (IRP Student) refers to the renewal of the UBC Student Information System (SIS) that the University is undertaking. The renewed system will support UBC students in achieving their academic goals and create a better experience for all users through a new set of tools and new ways of working.  

IRP Student has eight core teams. This series aims to explain each team, their objectives, and their role within the IRP Student program in terms you, our UBC community, will understand.

Transformation & Change Management: The IRP Student Transformation & Change Management (TCM) Team is responsible for managing, communicating, and enabling the organizational change needed to transform academic and administrative processes to successfully transition to a new student ecosystem environment

Student Solution: The Student Solution Team is responsible for delivering end-to-end business solutions for the IRP Student. 

Program Management Office: The IRP Student Program Management Office (PMO) provides support services to enable the successful delivery of IRP Student by focusing on value-added support areas, including program planning, status reporting, tools and templates, RAID and change requests.

Quality Assurance: Guided by the philosophy that quality is the key to excellence, the IRP Student Quality Assurance (QA) Team is a shared service team providing quality assurance and testing services across all domains in the IRP Student solution.

Solution Architecture: The IRP Student Solution Architecture Team is a shared services team accountable for the conceptual and logical designs of the overall enterprise solution for the IRP Student.

Ecosystem Delivery: As part of the IRP Student Solution Delivery Centre, the IRP Student Ecosystem Delivery Team focuses on the required IT and business changes required to ensure business continuity for the impacted UBC ecosystem.

Technical Delivery: As part of the IRP Student Solution Delivery Centre, the IRP Student Technical Delivery Team is responsible for the delivery of technical solutions.

Security, Access, Data and Reporting: The IRP Student Security, Access, Data, & Reporting (SADR) Team is responsible for ensuring security and privacy in the IRP Student implementation and ensuring that it complies with University policies and provincial mandates.