Catalogue of Workday support services provided by the ISC

Catalogue of Workday support services provided by the ISC

November 05, 2020

In this article, you will learn about the services the Integrated Service Centre (ISC) will be providing.


Workday has now replaced legacy systems as an integrated platform that will facilitate most Finance and Human Resources processes. As such, Workday will be used frequently by UBC employees, and particularly by those who work in Finance, HR and IT. In the future, Workday will also be used to support Student Administrative functions and the UBC student body.

To the typical UBC community end user, Workday will be the new system you use to access administrative HR and Finance tasks (i.e. updating personal information, viewing payslip, submitting expenses, etc.).

After Workday goes live, the Integrated Service Centre (ISC) will be your first point of contact for Workday, Finance, and HR queries, with some exceptions. For example, confidential or sensitive HR queries should continue to be directed to HR. If you are a departmental administrator supporting HR or Finance tasks, continue to work directly with your existing contact in HR or Finance.  

For additional guidance and common examples of where to access support, please see the ‘ISC Support Cheat Sheet’.