Transition Network: Working Together for Success

Transition Network: Working Together for Success

December 13, 2018

UBC is a highly diverse and complex institution with multiple locations, cultures and stakeholder groups. To help people navigate the coming shift to Workday, the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) will be working with a team of volunteers who represent students, faculties and VP units from across the university. This team, called the IRP Transition Network, will be our partners in:

  • Understanding UBC’s local environments so that the IRP can meaningfully engage the whole community through the coming change
  • Socializing Workday with the UBC community, translating the people, business process and technology changes that will impact staff, faculty and students (i.e., what will this mean for UBC and how do we need to change to embrace the opportunity?)
  • Getting to know Workday, preparing people to navigate changes to processes and tools, sharing IRP communications, being an informed resource for others and helping to inform IRP plans and activities

The Transition Network is comprised of Transition Leads (current faculty/unit leaders), Transition Captains (individuals within departments and units) and community support partners who will all work together and with the IRP to communicate information to their teams. Leads will serve as the primary liaisons between their unit and the IRP, and as key facilitators of their overall unit’s transition to new processes and Workday. Captains will typically help facilitate communications, change navigation, re-alignment of local materials and processes to Workday, and training at their local level. Captains may focus on a particular area of expertise such as HR, Finance, Student, IT, or a specific function within those categories.

All roles support their teams by addressing questions and concerns while keeping their colleagues informed on the change in processes that Workday will bring. They will ease and facilitate the change through two-way dialogue and updates on progress, issues, questions or concerns. 

See more on how the Transition Network will support change:

Transition Network: Engage!

The Transition Network kicked off in October 2018. Approximately ninety members representing eleven faculties across both campuses came together to learn more about their roles and responsibilities within the Network and to engage with their new colleagues. However, the team will continue to grow, and in February, we will have the complete roster of Transition Network members.

The network started a regular meeting cadence in December to discuss specific upcoming activities and engagements that they will be leading or supporting. These meetings also provide an important forum to share learnings, resources and practices, so that network colleagues can learn from one another’s experiences.

Finally, network members will also be able to participate in change management learning opportunities to further prepare them for their role.

Visit the IRP site regularly for updates on Transition Network and their efforts in supporting change across UBC.