IRP Engagement with the UBC Community

IRP Engagement with the UBC Community

IRP is a significant undertaking and key to our success is engagement with the university community. It will affect how we do work in support of teaching, learning, and research.

To that end, we’ve completed a number of activities with faculty, staff, and subject matter experts (SME) for HR, Finance and Student business processes, and we've got much more planned in the coming months.

How We've Engaged to Date

Community Event

  • A Workday demo open to all faculty and staff was conducted in fall 2017.

Leadership Listening Tour

  • In the summer of 2018 the IRP Sponsors and Directors met with leaders from each faculty and unit across UBC to talk about IRP in order to create awareness and address questions and concerns about the program.


UBC and Workday have spent hundreds of hours in workshops over the past year and have involved many representatives from HR, Finance and Student

  • Sessions to demo certain HR and Finance business processes to ensure they function as intended and are ready for system testing

IRP Roadshows

  • Visited various faculties/units/departments on campus to raise awareness of the program and Workday, as well as of the changes beginning in April 2020
  • Provided an opportunity to gather feedback and answer questions from the audience

These engagements represent a fraction of the UBC community, but they have provided the inputs necessary to ensure the system and processes being designed will meet UBC’s needs well into the future.

Testing will start in the summer, meaning we are getting close to being able to share more with all UBC staff and faculty.

Planned Engagements

Some of the planned activities going forward are listed below:


  • Engagement with faculties and units via IRP Roadshows will continue over the coming months
  • Faculties/units who would like to be included in the Roadshow “tour” can do so by sending an email request to

Community Outreach

  • ‘First look at Workday’
  • Targeted to kick off early summer
  • Opportunity for UBC community to see Workday in action

Workday Testing Opportunities

  • Ensure UBC subject matter experts and a select group of end users can confidently use and explain the system to general end users
  • Ensure the system is ready to be implemented
  • Opportunity for UBC community to be involved

Watch for more information about these engagements and more to come soon.