Transition Activities

Transition to Workday

Over the course of October 2020, the UBC community was asked to perform a number of specific activities to enable our transition to Workday (e.g. enter information into systems by certain deadlines, hold off on entering information when systems were unavailable).

Now that UBC has launched Workday there may be additional activities that you will need to perform to complete the transition. Please review the key dates and recommended actions in the drop-down lists below to understand what is required of your business unit / department.



Pay Adjustments

Key Date: November 9

Any hires/reappointments and pay adjustments not processed in HRMS, that have been approved and are active in Workday by midnight on November 9th, will be processed (including the associated retroactive earnings) with the first Workday regular pay on November 13th. 

Hours and ‘other earnings’ for both hourly and semi-monthly payroll, normally submitted on a timesheet, for any pay period PRIOR to November 1st, should be submitted to This mailbox will be monitored until November 30th, 2020.

Employee Lifecycle Transactions

Key Date: November 2

Employee transactions (e.g. new hires, appointments, job changes) can be entered into Workday beginning November 2.

Please note, you should only enter transactions into Workday two pay periods (~one month) in advance of the transaction’s effective date.

In-Flight and Future-Dated Transactions from HRMS:

Any transactions that were not automatically transferred into Workday – either because they were not fully approved and processed by October 28 or because they have an effective date of November 16 or later – can also be entered into Workday beginning November 2.

For efficiency, the IRP team will support departments in the re-entry of high-volume transactions, namely terminations and hires / rehires.

Please note, in general you should only enter transactions into Workday two pay periods (~one month) in advance of the transaction’s effective date.

Recruitment Postings

Key Date: November 2

Positions can be posted to the new Workday Careers pages beginning November 2.

eRecruit (HRMS) Postings & Applications:

  • If a position was posted through eRecruit prior to November 2, it will not be automatically transferred to Workday and if required, will need to be re-posted.
  • Departments will have read-only access to view applications submitted through eRecruit.
  • If a successful candidate applied via eRecruit, that candidate will need to be hired through the Direct Hire Process in Workday.
Sessional Appointments

Key Date: November 2

New appointments and appointment adjustments can be entered into the Sessional Information System (ISIS) beginning November 2.

For updates that were held from September 20 to November 1, enter into ISIS as per the usual process. No special action is required.

Absences (Vacation, Sick Leave, and Overtime)

Key Date: November 9

The IRP team has finished transferring vacation balances from various legacy sources (e.g. PAT, other absence applications, Excel) into Workday.

Beginning November 9, all employees should:

  1. Review their vacation balances to confirm they have the correct number of vacation days remaining for 2020. If:
    1. The balance is correct, no action is required;
    2. The balance is too high, (e.g. the employee has taken vacation that is not reflected in their balance) the employee can simply enter the vacation request as a retroactive request in Workday – once the manager approves, it will reduce the balance;
    3. The balance is too low, the employee should work with their managers and department HR to override;
  2. Re-enter future vacation requests into Workday

Note: Historical time for M&P staff has not been loaded into Workday. It will continue to be manually tracked in units.

Professional Development Funds

Key Date: November 16

Professional Development Fund requests can be entered and approved in Workday beginning November 16.

For requests that were held from October 8 to November 15, enter into Workday following the new process. No special action is required.

Visit the Professional Development Funding page on the HR website for guidelines about PD Funds. 

Tuition Waiver Requests

Beginning December 8, employees can submit tuition waiver applications through Workday, including applications for:

  • Undergraduate credit courses
  • Graduate credit courses, if eligible
  • UBC Extended Learning non-credit courses
  • Approved Sauder School of Business Continuing Business Studies non-credit courses

Please note the tuition payment deadline for Term 2 credit courses or programs is January 14, 2021. If you submit your Tuition Waiver application after the tuition payment deadline, you will be charged late fees and/or interest that will not be covered by the Tuition Waiver.



Ineligible Dependents Appearing - Known issue: Resolved
This issue is now resolved. Ineligible Dependents will no longer appear.



Banking & Settlements

Key Date: November 2

Cash and cheque deposits can be entered in Workday beginning November 2.

For deposits that were made from October 23 to November 1, enter into Workday following the new process and in the ‘Deposit Reference’ field, enter the deposit slip number from your personal copy of the FMSnQuery deposit slip, not the number from the online generator. 

Grants Management

Key Date: November 9

Grants Dashboard

The Workday Research Grants Dashboard and Grants Reports are now available. You will find the dashboard worklet under “Applications” on your Workday home page.

Key Financial Reports on the Dashboard are the following:

  • Portfolio of Grants (New!)
  • Grants Expired and Expiring in 90 days (New!)
  • Grant Ledger Summary (similar to legacy FMS nQuery Ledger Summary report)

As of December 16, 2020, Workday reports and Research Grants Dashboard reflect up-to-date balances.

Key Date: November 2

PG / Fund Code Requests

Requests for Research PGs, Grant PGs can be submitted to Research Services and UILO beginning November 2.

Any requests that were held from October 10 to November 1 can also be submitted at this time per the usual process.

Key Date: November 2

Payment Processing

Beginning November 2, Research Finance will process all payments received for grants that were submitted after the October 16 deadline.


Key Date: November 2


e-Procurement requests for PO / Change orders, or vendor creation / changes that were held from October 10 to November 1 can be entered in Workday beginning November 2.


Expenses incurred between October 16 and November 1 or not fully approved by October 22 can be entered in Workday beginning November 2.

Important Reminders on Invoices:

With the transition to Workday, writing “OK to Pay” on invoices and physically submitting them is no longer required, and does not approve the invoice for payment. 

Instead, receive goods and services in Workday. This allows automated three-way matching (between the PO, receipt, and the invoice), eliminating the need for additional approvals for PO invoices.  If AP has received an invoice, and a receipt has not yet been entered, you will receive a notification in Workday asking you to create the receipt.

Please note, all suppliers should submit invoices directly to the AP team via the email account. If you receive an invoice from a supplier, please forward it to the central email account as soon as possible. DO NOT use the Supplier Invoice Request functionality within Workday to submit the invoice. This functionality is meant for purchases that have no associated invoice (such as honoraria). If your request has an associated invoice, it will be rejected and sent back.

Taking these actions will help to ensure UBC suppliers get paid in a timely manner.

Visit the Changes to Purchasing and Paying for Goods and Services page on the Finance website for more information.

General Ledger Balances in Workday

General Ledger summary balances at the worktag level will be converted from FMS to Workday following the schedule below:

G/L Balances

Date when converted balances will be in Workday

March 2019

Available now

March 2020

Available now

April – July 2020

Available now

August – September 2020

Available now

October 2020

Mid-December 2020

Exceptions: Project worktag balances and endowment spending allocations will be not be fully converted until mid-December as financial reporting re-classification entries are in progress.

As of December 16, 2020, Workday reports and Research Grants Dashboard reflect up-to-date balances.



To support the transition to Workday, users will retain access to the legacy systems (HRMS, FMS and PAT) that Workday has replaced to view historical information. See below for more details.


Beginning November 2, 2020 users; access to HRMS will be switched to read-only:

  • This read-only access applies to all users, approvers and department administrators.
  • Users can view information in HRMS but cannot add or update any information; users can continue to run HRMS Query reports.
FMS nQuery

Access to FMS nQuery via the Management System Portal (MSP) will remain unchanged to existing users until further notification. The process to request nQuery access for new users will also remain unchanged. More information about nQuery is available here. Access to the FMS nQuery program can be obtained from Finance by completing the FMS nQuery Access Form.

FMS Live

FMS Certified Units entering JVs using FMS Live will be able to do so until end of day November 6th, in order to complete October month-end activities.

After this time, FMS Certified Units access will switch to read-only and users will be able to view historical information, including detailed transactions but not add or update any information in FMS Live.  


From November 2, 2020 to January 31, 2021 users will have read-only access to PAT.

  • This read-only access applies to all users, approvers, and department administrators.
  • During this time, users can view absence information in PAT, but no records can be created or edited, and no vacation can be approved; administrators can continue to run reports.