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About the ISC

What is the Integrated Service Centre?

Workday is an integrated platform that brings together HR, Finance and eventually Enrolment Services processes under one system. This requires HR, Finance, IT and Enrolment Services to collaborate to sustain Workday.

The Integrated Service Centre (ISC) was created to enable that partnership, with a common goal to meet the changing needs of the community through integrated services that support and improve our use of Workday and related products and services.

The ISC’s objectives are to:

  1. Support an engaged, collaborative, and exceptional learning, research, and working environment for students, staff, and faculty
  2. Enable a cohesive alignment of practices and processes
  3. Create a simple, intuitive, consistent user experience where we interact with confidence and ease
  4. Ensure reliable, integrated, and accessible institutional data that enables people to make informed, strategic decisions
  5. Position UBC and its people to embrace opportunities, continuously improve, and adapt to future needs and requirements
  6. Provide robust, secure, sustainable solutions that are fiscally responsible

The ISC will provide three key services: 

  • Service Desk and Self-Service Support: Providing the UBC community with a point of contact for Workday related questions, issues and requests (e.g., Service Centre, self-service knowledge base);
  • Product Continuous Improvement: Partnering with HR and Finance to ensure Workday continues to meet the evolving needs of UBC (e.g., business process improvements, report improvements, etc.)
  • Application Sustainment: Managing and adopting the regular releases from Workday to ensure the system remains current (e.g., handle updates, new releases, security, reporting and data management)

The ISC will launch at the same time as Workday for Finance and HR: November 2, 2020.

Upcoming Events

IRP Community Call-In: Workday Support and the Integrated Service Centre

Workday for HR and Finance is coming to UBC on November 2, 2020. After Workday goes live, faculty and staff will access support through the Integrated Service Centre (ISC) via an online knowledge base, a portal to submit support tickets or by speaking directly with an ISC service representative. The ISC will provide how-to assistance with Workday tasks related to finance, human resources, and payroll business processes, as well as manager tasks, myWorkday personal tasks, and Workday basics.

To learn more about the ISC, faculty and staff are invited to join ISC sponsors and leadership for a discussion about accessing support for Workday. Leadership from the Integrated Renewal Program will also be in attendance to address questions and comments on the Workday HR and finance implementation. 

Event details:


Harjot Guram

Director, Integrated Service Centre (ISC)

As the Director, Integrated Service Centre (ISC), Harjot will work in partnership with the Director, Application Sustainment to deliver integrated services to the UBC community. A key part of this role is to partner across UBC to deliver on service requirements for the UBC community through a collaborative, inclusive approach.

The Director will co-lead strategy implementation in a “two in a box” model with the Director, Application Sustainment. Both Directors will be accountable for the planning, development, implementation, control, review and delivery of strategy, including ensuring an excellent customer service experience for Students, Faculty and Staff. 

The Director will lead, mentor and inspire a team to deliver service excellence, including working with and inspiring their peers and key stakeholders on continuous improvement activities to deliver on UBC goals. This critical work also includes collaboratively creating and sustaining a culture with and for the UBC community that supports UBC’s vision, purpose and values.

Harjot joined UBC in January of 2018 as Director, Payroll and Benefits with the Financial Operations department. He brings with him a wealth of experience in payroll, accounts payable, and procurement services from Simon Fraser University, where he was Associate Director, Financial Operations for five years. He has also worked at ADP as the Manager, Implementation where he provided excellent customer service and business solutions to his clients across Canada.

Harjot’s qualifications include a Master of Business Administration, an undergraduate degree in Business, and over 10 years of experience in a public sector, multi-union environment.

In his spare time, Harjot enjoys playing recreational hockey and going skiing. He volunteers on the executive at both Burnaby Minor Hockey and Metro Ball Hockey and enjoys coaching children in both recreational and competitive ball hockey.

Corinne Pitre-Hayes

Director, Application Sustainment

As the Director, Application Sustainment, Corinne will work in partnership with the Director, Integrated Service Centre (ISC) to deliver integrated services to the UBC community with specific responsibility for sustainment and delivery of the ISC platform.

The Director, Application Sustainment leads the application portfolio that has specific responsibility for building, configuring, maintaining or enhancing, and eventually decommissioning single applications or products through the life cycle. This portfolio is responsible for a wide variety of applications and platforms related to teaching and learning, research, and administration activities. The Director Application Sustainment works hand in hand with corresponding functional leaders and product managers in a "two in a box" leadership model responsible for the strategic outcomes enabled by the applications or solutions.

Corinne joined UBC in March of 2019 as the solution architecture lead for UBC IT. Corinne has 15 years of experience in higher education prior to joining UBC, including a stint as CIO for Kwantlen Polytechnic University, major projects for the VPAO at Simon Fraser University, and an ERP upgrade for Capilano University. Corinne has also led some interesting non-higher education projects, including: electronic security for the 2010 Olympics, Franchise Development Director for the flagship FIFA video game for Electronic Arts, and critical infrastructure projects for Mountain Equipment Co-op.

Corinne’s qualifications include a Master of Business Administration, a Computer Science Diploma, and over 25 total years of experience, primarily in administering, operating, and transforming information technology in higher education.

On a personal note, Corinne is an avid long-distance runner, having tackled runs such as the 50 km Knee Knacker and the Boston Marathon. She also enjoys winemaking and is a certified vintner through University of California.

David Truong

Senior Manager, Application Sustainment

In his role as Senior Manager, Application Sustainment, David will be focused on managing the sustainment of Workday including configuration, data analysis, reporting, and access administration.

David's previous roles at UBC include managing the Integrated Reporting program and the sustainment of the legacy HR & Financial systems.  Prior to joining UBC, David had worked as a Management Consultant with Accenture for 13 years within its Information Management global practice.  David is also an active member of the Professional Engineers of BC and enjoys staying on top of technology trends.

In his spare time, David enjoys adventure travelling and taking advantage of recreational activities around Vancouver.

Alice Shin

Senior Manager, Service Centre

Alice is responsible for the comprehensive strategic leadership and direction for the operations of the Service Desk, including human resources, resource allocation, strategic planning, policy development, and knowledge management. She will also determine the evolving service support requirements and be accountable for optimal user support experience for related ISC products and services.

Alice’s contact centre experience started with 14 years at Roger Communications. Since then Alice has overseen many different support operations in areas such as sales, administration, and contact centres, working with Pacific Blue Cross and LifeLabs/Excelleris. Most recently, she has been involved in the new cannabis industry, where she supported in opening the contact centre for BC Cannabis stores and supported Zenabis Global to build and develop their contact centre team, systems, processes and tools.

In Alice’s spare time, she enjoys keeping her three teenage daughters happy and busy, and loves to stay active and healthy, playing sports such as volleyball, softball, golf, and now learning tennis too!

Deirdre Brown

Senior Manager, Change Management and Communications

In this role, Deirdre will be focused on establishing a strategic change approach for the ISC with specific responsibility for all areas of change management including communications, knowledge management and training.

Deirdre joined the Integrated Renewal Program in 2017 as the Senior Change Management Specialist focusing on the HR/HCM workstream and as a member of the Organizational Change Management (OCM) team. Prior to joining the IRP, Deirdre has worked at UBC for 7+ years as a change and communication lead for a variety of large multi-year projects across the organization including the transformation of Graduate Admissions (eVision/GRASP), implementation of undergraduate Broad Based Admissions (BBA) and she is an established member of UBC's Change Management community of practice. Deirdre brings a wealth of institutional knowledge of UBC and her qualifications include Prosci certification, a graduate and undergraduate degree in Communication and over ten years of experience working in the public sector.

In her spare time Deirdre is an active member of the Vancouver chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals and she enjoys exploring the oceanside trails near her home in Richmond, travelling to spend time with family across the province and reviving a childhood passion for tap dancing.


The ISC will launch on November 2, 2020!

The Integrated Service Centre will go live at the same time as Workday for Finance and HR: November 2, 2020.

The ISC webpage has launched! 

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How to get help

The following Workday support services will be provided once Workday launches:

Once Workday is live, you will be able to access support in the following ways:


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