Application Ecosystem Program & Procurement Modernization

IRP, AEP and PM: What are they and what does this all mean for UBC & Workday?

UBC is embarking on a multi-year journey to transform our student, human resources, and finance systems. We’ve chosen Workday as our new core administrative platform. The journey is large in scope and require layers of collaboration across UBC. There are three programs transforming how UBC operates: the Integrated Renewal Program (IRP), Procurement Modernization and the Application Ecosystem Program (AEP). 

Three Teams for Change

The IRP unites the previously independent renewal programs formerly known as Student Academic Applications Initiative (SASI), and the HR/Finance Renewal Program.

Procurement Modernization is setting the stage for the work that the IRP is currently conducting. PM is putting a new service delivery model in place that reflects the Workday future state. A key change from Procurement Modernization is a new service delivery model to restructure how people buy and pay for goods and services. Other changes include an enhanced online payment tool and strategic sourcing of goods.

The AEP was launched in the fall of 2018 to ensure day-to-day business operations continue seamlessly as UBC moves to the new Workday platform. The purpose of the AEP is to assess and validate a large number of applications across the university in consideration of the new Workday environment. In some cases, an application’s functions might be completely replaced by Workday processes, while in other cases, there might be a need to keep an existing application post-Workday, because we still need it to do our jobs. In these cases, it will be important to determine how those applications need to change so that they can function with Workday.

Teams Working in Tandem

The IRP, Procurement Modernization and AEP are working closely together, sharing many stakeholders, governance structures and impacted groups to ensure a smooth and streamlined implementation and transition of improved and standardized processes from Workday.

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